quarta-feira, 18 de maio de 2011

Everytime, when a person became famous  some people love him, and some people don't like him, but also, there are people who don't have a life! So they begin to talk bad thing of him, that obviously are not true. Maybe it be fun for you haters, but not for me. He hasn't done anything wrong to you. He's just a normal boy, who wants to do music. So if you don't like him or his songs, why are you watching his videos? anyways.. I just wanna say that, i support JB with all my heart, and i don't care about what people think. Justin, you are so amazing. You make me feel that every dream is possible, and my dream is meet you! <3 It isn't a obssession, it's a #BelieberLove. We all know much care your fans for you, and for this is why we love you so much. We all are so proud just for have someone like you in their lifes. Even if its just in dreams. My dream is to meet you someday. Why? Cause' you are my inspiration in my bad times, your songs give me strength to continue. NEVER SAY NEVER, anyways i will #neversaynever.

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