segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011

Justin! Yeah you doesn’t know who I am. You doesn’t know my name. You doesn’t know about me, and you doesn’t even follow me on Twitter. But you are the one that puts a smile on my face when everybody else is pissing me off. You are the one... that inspires me. You are the one who can make me happy without even trying to. So yeah sure, you doesn’t even know I exist, but you are the one that can make me smile, who can make me happy, who can inspire me and who can make me tear up just by singing a song. Some people might call me “crazy”, “obsessed”. Go ahead. Label me. But while you sit there and try to bring me down, there is a boy out there who can make me happier without even knowing who I am. Can you do that? You means so much to me. You gave me hope. I know I’m nobody to him… but to me, you are everything.
Please come to Potugal! (L)

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